–it’s possible to enjoy a coffee while an owl perches on your head, or to sit at a bar where live penguins stare out at you from behind a plexiglass wall read : available for selfies in animal cafesmore : fashion with potential implications


–i could have just as happily worked on pelicans or something else. but this was a mystery bird. we didn’t have a clue how many there were. we only had a general sense of what their habitat needs were. read : sapsucker housing crisis, endangered woodpecker ‘condos’ are being clear cut


–estimated value of this amount of glass eels on the “black market” is about €400,000.read : six people arrested at brussels airportmore : ål


–the rhyolite ridge is the only known lithium-boron deposit in north america, and ioneer has agreements to provide the elements to automotive companies, including toyota and ford motor company, according to a press release read : rare plant got endangered species protection this week, but already faces threats to its habitat


also, make sure that team members got to perform the aspects of the job that they were good at, to increase their confidence and well-being. we eventually trapped the po‘ouli and moved it, but even though the birds were in the same territory, they didn’t breed read : conservation setbacks –the secrets to lifting morale more : tales from a frozen zoo


– a toad is a small animal that looks like a frog but has dry skin and lives on land.read : small nevada toad listed as endangered due to power projec


– there are many good reasons to focus our conservation efforts on endangered ecosystems rather than a piecemeal species-by-species approach. of course, some species will still need specific legal protection and conservation actions, but there are hundreds of endangered species that can be effectively conserved by protecting and stewarding the places where they live. read: to protect endangered ecosystems


– the peak of sea turtle nesting season runs from june through july, with most hatchlings beginning to emerge 50 to 60 days later. additional nests may be discovered in the weeks to come, according to the coastal authority. read : endangered sea turtles found on Louisiana islands for first time in 75 years

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– planting native milkweed and reducing pesticide use to supporting the protection of overwintering sites and contributing to community science, we all have a role to play in making sure this iconic insect makes a full recoveryread : monarch butterfliesor : more monarch butterflies


– there may be a benefit to being at the bottom of the competitive hierarchy.read : african wild dogs survive by ‘living in the cracks’ of a landscape 


phoenix — the u.s. fish and wildlife service protected the arizona eryngo, a wetland wildflower, under the endangered species act on thursday. cié·​na·​gavariants: or cienega \ ˈsyānəgə , ˈsyen- ˈsin- , – ˌgä \plural -sdefinition of ciénagasouthwest: swamp, marshspanish ciénaga, from cieno mud, slime, from latin caenum dirt, filth, (“silt”). –ciénagas are usually associated with seeps or springs, found in canyon headwaters or along margins of streams. ciénagas often occur because the geomorphology forces water to the surface, over large areas, not merely through a single pool or channel. in a healthy ciénaga, water slowly migrates through long, wide-scale mats…


– australia has the highest rate of species extinction in the world with climate change expected to raise the risk of further annihilation. koala “bio-banking”, could be harnessed with IVF technology to help the endangered species reproduce.read : koala IVF could save endangered species