From April, 2014


—”consuming an animal protected by the national wildlife protection law could be punished by imprisonment of 10 or more years”.


— “What we really want is grace” E O Wilson in Wall Street Journal — “I was doing the year of wandering”  E O Wilson in Harvard Gazette   Q: What is your philosophy of writing? Do you have writing habits? Q: What was it about entomology that attracted you? Q: What is most exciting about your field right now? ‘Search until you find a passion and go all out to excel in its expression’


— “distribution and conservation of global evolutionary distinctness in birds”, published on Thursday in the journal; Current Biology found that species representing the most evolutionary history over the smallest area as well as some of the most threatened distinct species are often found far from places that are species-rich or already on the conservation radar.” giant ibis new caledonian owlet-nightjar california condor kakapo kagu bengal florican forest owlet philippine eagle christmas island frigatebird sumatran ground-cuckoo spoon-billed sandpiper northern bald ibis plains-wanderer new zealand storm-petrel hooded grebe white-shouldered ibis maleo black-hooded coucal madagascar serpent-eagle dwarf olive ibis rufous scrub-bird noisy…


“Stars at Dawn.” Digital chromogenic print mounted on plexiglas. 25 by 20 inches — “Over 300 species of birds migrate through New York City each year. Many are disoriented by illuminated structures and mirrored glass on buildings”: Silent Migration