— “distribution and conservation of global evolutionary distinctness in birds”, published on Thursday in the journal; Current Biology found that species representing the most evolutionary history over the smallest area as well as some of the most threatened distinct species are often found far from places that are species-rich or already on the conservation radar.”

giant ibis
new caledonian owlet-nightjar
california condor
bengal florican
forest owlet
philippine eagle
christmas island frigatebird
sumatran ground-cuckoo
spoon-billed sandpiper
northern bald ibis
new zealand storm-petrel
hooded grebe
white-shouldered ibis
black-hooded coucal
madagascar serpent-eagle
dwarf olive ibis
rufous scrub-bird
noisy scrub-bird
junin grebe
white-collared kite
congo bay-owl
white-eyed river-martin
red-headed vulture
peruvian diving-petrel
egyptian vulture
st helena plover
australian painted snipe
cuban kite
tooth-billed pigeon
nahan’s francolin
sulu hornbill
purple-winged ground-dove
asian crested ibis
sangihe shrike-thrush
jerdon’s courser
lesser florican
rufous-headed hornbill
masked finfoot
bahia tapaculo
waved albatross
stresemann’s bristlefront
sociable lapwing
eskimo curlew
slender-billed curlew
bannerman’s turaco
ashy storm-petrel
siberian crane
white-throated storm-petrel
juan fernandez firecrown
dark-winged trumpeter
uluguru bush-shrike
polynesian ground-dove
sichuan jay
mountain serpent-eagle
sulu bleeding-heart
zapata rail
mindoro bleeding-heart
negros bleeding-heart
black stilt
makira moorhen
great indian bustard
abbott’s booby
kittlitz’s murrelet
titicaca grebe
greater adjutant
western bristlebird
eastern bristlebird
shore plover
udzungwa forest-partridge
madagascar fish-eagle
white-bellied heron
subdesert mesite
long-whiskered owlet
philippine cockatoo
spix’s macaw
south island wren
crow honeyeater
northern brown kiwi
banded ground-cuckoo
flores hawk-eagle
tachira antpitta
beck’s petrel
cebu flowerpecker
blue-eyed ground-dove
javan trogon
pulitzer’s longbill
alagoas antwren
pernambuco pygmy-owl
jamaica petrel
grenada dove
wood snipe
rio de janeiro antwren

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