From June, 2014


“The greatest threat to Africa wildlife I believe is human encroachment into wilderness areas. The United Nations Population Division projects Africa’s number of human inhabitants will double to 2 billion by 2040. I have little confidence that we can mobilise the hearts and minds of a continent, with a common mindset of immediacy, that the long-term preservation of wildlife, is more beneficial than food on the table tonight. Couple this with a common lack of sufficient political will to save wildlife and we have a recipe for extreme challenge. This problem is not isolated to Africa though, which I think we all understand.”…

RED ROCK COUNTRY SPECIES columbia spotted frog mountain yellow-legged frog relict leopard frog yosemite toad greater sage-grouse southwestern willow flycatcher yellow-billed cuckoo yuma clapper rail ash meadows speckled dace clover valley speckled dace colorado pikeminnow cui-ui desert dace devils hole pupfish hiko white river springfish humpback chub independence valley speckled dace lahontan cutthroat trout moapa dace paiute cutthroat trout razorback sucker virgin river chub warm springs pupfish white river springfish woundfin gray wolf bighorn sheep wolverine