From January, 2017


— it is the latest in a flurry of last-minute efforts to protect the environment and preserve president obama’s legacy on climate change. in the last month, he has issued a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in large areas of the arctic and much of the eastern seaboard; announced two new national monuments in utah and nevada, protecting 1.65 million acres of federal land; and denied six permits for oil exploration in the atlantic, partly because the seismic testing harms marine animals. read article : a bumblebee gets new protection on obama’s way out


—he put the beads in the seawater with the larvae under a microscope to watch the turbulence they produce around them as they swim. the beads, smaller than red blood cells, follow even small swirls of water and reflect light, so the lines of water flow are visible. what he saw entranced him. watch video: the beauty of a starfish larva at lunch