From February, 2017


— the team have catalogued all the unused public land where they could potentially plant the flowers and grasses. the list includes not only the rarely frequented corners of parks, golf courses, and the local airport, but also sewage ditches, water retention basins, and roadway right-of-ways read article : a small city in iowa is devoting 1,000 acres of land to america’s vanishing bees


— astrophysicists have been using thermal cameras for many decades. crucially, it turns out the techniques we’ve developed to find and characterize the faintest objects in the universe are exactly those needed to find and identify objects in thermal images taken with drones read article : conservation drones and thermal finger prints help endangered species


— right now, every single remaining rusty patched bumblebee is nestled below ground waiting for the seasons to change. at this moment the entire species is composed of young females, a fresh generation of queens tasked with repopulating the earth as soon as it gets warm enough read article : trump’s attack on endangered species really stings