From January, 2018


— on january 22 2018, the eastern cougar subspecies was officially declared extinct in the u.s. and removed from the endangered species listby the u.s. fish and wildlife service. read : eastern cougars declared extinct—but that might not be bad


PRAYER OF PRAYERS For the Water Protectors at Standing Rock The leaves hang on into mid-November oak, alder, locust— each one a prayer flag singing aloud— scarlet, cinnamon, gold rippling with wind’s rough caress. Every acorn, every hickory nut, a tobacco tie hung in the trees; they call out to us come harvest your prayers. Soon a blanket of prayers will cover the earth and the trees will stand like prayer poles dressed in feathers— gifts from blue jay, eagle, hummingbird, meadowlark. The planet prays for us, for itself; the planet sings for November’s endurance, weaves a nest for our…