— wildlife experts in the country captured the male in 2008 on a palm oil plantation. he lived more than 10 years in malaysia’s tabin wildlife reserve in borneo and had several unsuccessful breeding attempts with two female sumatran rhinos (dicerorhinus sumatrensis). the loss of the rhino is a severe blow to the survival of the critically endangered species. as many as 800 sumatran rhinos lived in the wild as recently as 1986, but now fewer than 100 remain, with some estimates as low as 30, according to save the rhino, a london-based charity that works to protect rhinoceroses.
the sumatran rhino is the smallest of the rhino species, weighing just over 2,100 lbs. in comparison, the white rhino, the largest rhino species, weighs about 5,000 lbs.

read : extinction looms as last male sumatran rhino in malaysia dies

more  save the rhino

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