From January, 2021


—the fact is that most of the 1800 threatened living species identified in australia are plants, making up 77 per cent or 1342 of threatened species. and while australia’s endangered mammals are thought to have declined by about a third in the past two decades, and endangered birds by a half, the population size of threatened plants fell by three quarters. read : as the first threatened plant index is compiled, experts wonder why flora has to fight so hard for attention.


— their name comes from the dharug word gula, meaning “no water”. we have created a new “chromosome-length” sequence of the koala genome, which will allow researchers to study its three-dimensional structure and understand its evolution. read : new koala genome will aid efforts to defend the threatened species


— many environmentalists were alarmed when the federal government announced that the monarch butterfly (state insect of texas) warrants listing under EPA but that the agency can’t afford to complete the required paperwork. read : monarch butterflies are endangered, threatened with extinction. what now