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Academic and news articles regarding endangered species and habitats.


– the peak of sea turtle nesting season runs from june through july, with most hatchlings beginning to emerge 50 to 60 days later. additional nests may be discovered in the weeks to come, according to the coastal authority. read : endangered sea turtles found on Louisiana islands for first time in 75 years

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– planting native milkweed and reducing pesticide use to supporting the protection of overwintering sites and contributing to community science, we all have a role to play in making sure this iconic insect makes a full recoveryread : monarch butterfliesor : more monarch butterflies


– there may be a benefit to being at the bottom of the competitive : african wild dogs survive by ‘living in the cracks’ of a landscape 


phoenix — the u.s. fish and wildlife service protected the arizona eryngo, a wetland wildflower, under the endangered species act on thursday. cié·​na·​gavariants: or cienega \ ˈsyānəgə , ˈsyen- ˈsin- , – ˌgä \plural -sdefinition of ciénagasouthwest: swamp, marshspanish ciénaga, from cieno mud, slime, from latin caenum dirt, filth, (“silt”). –ciénagas are usually associated with seeps or springs, found in canyon headwaters or along margins of streams. ciénagas often occur because the geomorphology forces water to the surface, over large areas, not merely through a single pool or channel. in a healthy ciénaga, water slowly migrates through long, wide-scale mats…


– australia has the highest rate of species extinction in the world with climate change expected to raise the risk of further annihilation. koala “bio-banking”, could be harnessed with IVF technology to help the endangered species : koala IVF could save endangered species


–marine snowflakes fall at different rates. smaller ones have a more languid descent. this fauxfall appears to be altering our planet’s ancient cooling process. read : in the ocean, it’s snowing microplastics


– orangutans have an interesting social life. in contrast to the rest of the great apes, they live semi-solitary existences, and for the first eight years of their life are dependent on their mothers. through support, she will help them to acquire the skills needed to survive and thrive in their canopy habitat read : how orangutans mothers help their offspring learn


– now is the time to lift up proactive, collaborative, and innovative efforts to save : animals that went extinct in 2021 and how to take action for biodiversity


across america and beyond, farm­ers and vineyard and orchard owners are enlisting wild birds in a sustainable battle against pests. read : birds outperforming pesticides


stars beckoned our species to cross seas. from culture to culture, the milky way served as backdrop and inspiration for stories – but we weren’t the only ones looking read : what animals see in the stars, and what they stand to lose


—the basic functioning of the planet would effectively grind to a halt without plants, but people care more about animals read article : global cactus traffickers are cleaning out the deserts


—the loss of singing culture may be what the researchers called a “precursor to extinction.” read : how does that song go? this bird couldn’t say