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Academic and news articles regarding endangered species and habitats.


stars beckoned our species to cross seas. from culture to culture, the milky way served as backdrop and inspiration for stories – but we weren’t the only ones looking read : what animals see in the stars, and what they stand to lose


—the basic functioning of the planet would effectively grind to a halt without plants, but people care more about animals read article : global cactus traffickers are cleaning out the deserts


—the loss of singing culture may be what the researchers called a “precursor to extinction.” read : how does that song go? this bird couldn’t say


“these haunting duets, rare among owl species, reinforce pair bonds. it’s as if the male is calling out to his mate, “i’m here!” to which the female responds in a lower tone, “i’m here too!” read : the world’s biggest owl


—the fact is that most of the 1800 threatened living species identified in australia are plants, making up 77 per cent or 1342 of threatened species. and while australia’s endangered mammals are thought to have declined by about a third in the past two decades, and endangered birds by a half, the population size of threatened plants fell by three quarters. read : as the first threatened plant index is compiled, experts wonder why flora has to fight so hard for attention.


— their name comes from the dharug word gula, meaning “no water”. we have created a new “chromosome-length” sequence of the koala genome, which will allow researchers to study its three-dimensional structure and understand its evolution. read : new koala genome will aid efforts to defend the threatened species


— many environmentalists were alarmed when the federal government announced that the monarch butterfly (state insect of texas) warrants listing under EPA but that the agency can’t afford to complete the required paperwork. read : monarch butterflies are endangered, threatened with extinction. what now


— terrain that once resembled a high sierra granite gorge now looked like ground zero after a nuclear explosion, and the usually clean mountain air was sharp with the stench of smoke read : aftermath threatens endangered species in san gabriel mountains


— that no major statement has been issued by either the democrats or republicans against the destruction of this region speaks to the bipartisan drive to build the border wall and their indifference toward the environment as a whole. read : border wall threatens extinction of numerous endangered species


— the authors found that 3,943 reptile species, more than 35 percent of all reptile species, have been traded over the past 20 years, 2,754 of them online. “we were just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of species”  read : a quarter of all reptile species are sold online


— to our eyes, such a fire-swept landscape “looks very stark,” says rodney siegel, a wildlife biologist and the executive director of the institute for bird populations, “but to black-backed woodpeckers, it looks like home.” read : how wildfires have helped these woodpeckers make a comeback


— “this marks the first time the state law has been used to give protection to a species that is mainly threatened by climate change.” read : joshua trees protected under the california endangered species act in historic vote