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  — as part of an effort to reverse the grim trend, the conservation group wildearth guardians petitioned the u.s. fish and wildlife service to list joshua trees throughout the southwest as threatened under the federal endangered species act. read : joshua trees are california icons. should they also be designated threatened species?


— today is a blue bird day, which is fortunate since thunderstorms were in the forecast, causing some concern about muddy road conditions for the arrival of the large horse trailers carrying the bison. after years of political negotiations, and months of planning, everything is lining up for the special occasion. . read : return of the buffalo to fort peck


  —mountain caribou are an “ecotype” of the more widespread woodland caribou. they are uniquely adapted to life in very snowy mountains. caribou hooves are the size of dinner plates and act like snowshoes. the animals can survive all winter eating arboreal lichens found on the branches of old-growth trees only accessible in winter. read : caribou protected as endangered species in major wildlife victory


— this summer, the yurok tribe declared rights of personhood for the klamath river, likely the first to do so for a river in north america. a concept previously restricted to humans (and corporations), “rights of personhood” means, most simply, that an individual or entity has rights, and they’re now being extended to nonhumans. read : klamath river now has the legal rights of a person


  — what, then,  does it mean to list a species in connecticut that has no protection two hours down the road? read : endangered species rollbacks a serious threat


— if a vessel reaches either limit on a trip, it would have to return to port and wait five days before it can resume fishing. federal scientists would evaluate the vessel and turtle interactions during that time and potentially provide guidance. read : sea turtles for swordfish? feds may lift cap on endangered species


— they watched with anticipation as about a thousand southern mountain yellow-legged frog tadpoles and three adult frogs enjoyed their first few minutes of life in the wild. the amphibians hesitated a moment before cruising toward clusters of foliage to settle into their new habitat. reintroducing these sensitive amphibians back into their native ecosystem is a significant milestone in the long slow battle to rehabilitate the species. read : conservationists fight to save critically endangered amphibians 


— wildlife experts in the country captured the male in 2008 on a palm oil plantation. he lived more than 10 years in malaysia’s tabin wildlife reserve in borneo and had several unsuccessful breeding attempts with two female sumatran rhinos (dicerorhinus sumatrensis). the loss of the rhino is a severe blow to the survival of the critically endangered species. as many as 800 sumatran rhinos lived in the wild as recently as 1986, but now fewer than 100 remain, with some estimates as low as 30, according to save the rhino, a london-based charity that works to protect rhinoceroses. the sumatran…


— look at the numbers and you soon see why though – the us has the fifth largest fisheries harvest in the world with more than five million caught annually. it’s the fourth biggest fish and seafood exporter globally, shipping more than $5 billion worth a year. read : the most endangered species in the world


— “when the media came calling i would hold press conferences that i’d set up by myself, and i would tell people what was going on. with that empowerment of people who are actually on the ground — talking to the managers and talking to other citizens — comes greater credibility, strength and authority.” read : the key to endangered species recovery? communication  


— according to the un report from the intergovernmental science-policy platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services (ipbes), the startling number is a consequence of five direct causes: changes in land and sea use; direct exploitation of organisms; climate change; pollution; and invasion of alien species read : the conversation 


—  “you often hear such bad and challenging news about the threats that our ocean faces. there are places where there are a lot of sea turtles very close to shore. and that’s good news.” read : sea turtle survey shows the endangered animals are making a comeback