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— “we have a long way to go and success is far from assured, but kenya continues to play her part at the center of a multi-national collaboration to save this species.  let us hope for news of a successful northern white pregnancy in the not too distant future.” read : northern white rhino embryo could save species from brink of extinction


— “the new inclusions on the official list of the world’s most endangered primates is not surprising given the existing threats to small populations, but this underscores a tremendous opportunity” read : eight species make first appearance on list of most endangered primates


“in the past when we have raised animals for wild release, they have been released in kind of an ad-hoc manner — choosing an area that looks pretty good and letting the animal go.” read : finishing school helps critically endangered animals prepare for life in the wild


— “the health of ecosystems on which we and all other species depend is deteriorating more rapidly than ever,” said sir robert watson, ipbes chair, adding that “transformative change” is needed to save the planet. read : one million species  


— the stingray bot is about the size of a penny and its light-sensitive heart cells prompts its fins to flutter when stimulated with light. parker says the bot’s light-following aspect was inspired by how he used to guide his own daughter down a path using a laser pointer, which she tries to stomp on. watch video : artificial human heart may just be possible thanks to this silicon stingray more : the abandoned biobot


— they are one of the most beautiful of lizards and their unusual sun-gazing habits have made them a prime target for the illegal global pet trade. a university however, has come up with a novel csi-style technique to help combat the selling of the sungazer. read/watch : sophisticated new plan to keep south africa’s endangered lizard population healthy


— right now, every single remaining rusty patched bumblebee is nestled below ground waiting for the seasons to change. at this moment the entire species is composed of young females, a fresh generation of queens tasked with repopulating the earth as soon as it gets warm enough read article : trump’s attack on endangered species really stings


—he put the beads in the seawater with the larvae under a microscope to watch the turbulence they produce around them as they swim. the beads, smaller than red blood cells, follow even small swirls of water and reflect light, so the lines of water flow are visible. what he saw entranced him. watch video: the beauty of a starfish larva at lunch


— known as a vacancy chain, it’s a term originally used by social scientists to describe a way that people trade resources. you can see it all unfold in this wonderful bbc1 video, consider it a lesson from the crustacean world. read article/watch video : hermit crabs swapping shells is a crazy remarkable thing


— devils are known for their powerful jaws and sour disposition. when fighting or eating, they make growling and snarling noises. read article : hidden tasmanian devil colony may save species from extinction


— camera traps reveals amur leopards, the world’s rarest cat, is growing in numbers. read article : world’s rarest leopards are experiencing a ‘baby boom’ in russia