— “we have a long way to go and success is far from assured, but kenya continues to play her part at the center of a multi-national collaboration to save this species.  let us hope for news of a successful northern white pregnancy in the not too distant future.” read : northern white rhino embryo could save species from brink of extinction


— as strawberry guava spreads, fish & wildlife officials said, it forms “impenetrable groves of close standing trees” which makes it nearly impossible for the hawk to hunt its prey because there’s not enough room to spread its wings. read : how the endangered hawaiian hawk became a political pawn


— investors are buying endangered species not to use and own, but in anticipation that their prices will rise. this shift explains why international trade restrictions often do not protect endangered species. read : restricting trade in endangered species can backfire, triggering market booms


— “some animals may have been lucky enough to find refuge and survive,” says euan ritchie, an ecologist at deakin university in melbourne. “it might not always be the case that animals have been completely wiped out in these habitats, however given the scale and severity of these fires [in australia], there’s no question that, even common species and not just threatened species, will have been affected quite dramatically.” read : australian fires have incinerated habitats 


— fire had taken away the invertebrate bugs the animals feed on, and that food source would not return until there was significant rain. “There are a whole lot of things that are ecologically off the scale,” he said. read : ‘silent death’: australia’s bushfires push countless species to extinction


— because what happens to them … will eventually happen to us. read : joel sartore on saving endangered species – and ourselves


— “she praised the local community residents of the natural reserves, for their participation in monitoring and recording wildlife.” read : egypt announces hotline to report animal poaching


— the legal issue in the case concerns where the lack of action constitutes a “constructive submission” by the states that epa is required to act upon under the clean water act. the court held that it is. read : court says EPA must regulate river temperatures


— one analysis has projected that between 1.7 million and 3.7 million gallons of freshwater will be required to build every 5 miles of the new border wall through protected areas in the most arid reach of the sonoran desert. read : at the mexican border, the battle for endangered species is as much about water as about the wall


— “while agencies have increasingly listed climate change as a growing threat to species whose survival is already precarious, many have not translated this concern into tangible actions, meaning a significant protection gap still exists.” read : nearly all america’s endangered species will struggle to adapt to climate crisis


— “Colorado voters have made clear once again that they enthusiastically support restoring the natural balance to Colorado’s wild public lands.”   read : fate of predator will move out of the legislature and courts and onto a ballot


— to some experts, just having these creatures around means the 46-year-old law has done its job. more than 99.2 percent of the species protected by the act survive, the associated press has found. only 11 species were declared extinct. read : butterfly on a bomb range