— “i go out half an hour after dark. then i go out every hour until half past midnight, it takes them half an hour to get down from the mountains,” said painting, who keeps animal boxes in her taxi to hold the chicks, which are fluffy, heavy and grey. “if there’s a lot of birds coming down i can go all night, if i have passengers they’ll help me too.” read : taxi! endangered new zealand seabirds get a lift to safety


— van holstein said: “we are standing on the shoulders of giants. in chapter 3 of on the origin of species darwin said animal lineages with more species should also contain more ‘varieties’. subspecies is the modern definition”. read : one of darwin’s evolution theories finally proved


— the study covered a wide range of hong kong supermarkets and convenience stores across all districts. surprisingly, almost 50% of the eel products surveyed were determined to be european eel. the results from this study suggested that large scale smuggling networks trafficking european eels are interwoven with local supplier chains, resulting in endangered species ending up on supermarket shelves.   read : endangered species on supermarket shelves


— when we here the term “migratory,” we tend to think of the seasonal migrations we see on tv like the wildebeests crossing the serengeti ecosystem between tanzania and kenya or monarch butterflies making their ways north from their winter breeding grounds in mexico. but “migratory” under this treaty, now ratified by 130 countries, means much more. read : towards a global endangered species act more : convention on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals


— the wildlife protection law, prohibits the hunting, killing, selling and purchasing of some 1,800 rare and endangered animals, except with special permissions. the pangolin, which scientists suspect could be the source of the new coronavirus, is already on this list, but laws are ambiguous about whether species not on the list can be traded legally. read : china set to clamp down permanently on wildlife trade in wake of coronavirus more : the recipe project


— “valentine’s day actually has its origins in a celebration of wolf fertility.” read : wolf that walked 8,712 miles to find love


— “we do know that it’s an important critter. we know that we care about them deeply. what we hope is to educate snowmobilers to stay away from areas where there (are) wolverines. as we lose more and more species, we lose more and more cogs in our ecosystem. It can have a cascading effect.” read : where have all the wolverines gone? apparently not on the endangered species list    


— three-quarters of those surveyed said a species deserves special protections if it had been driven to extinction from any more than 30% of its historic range. some were more accepting of losses. regardless of the explanation, a good answer to the question, “what an endangered species?” is an inescapable synthesis of facts and values. read : what is an endangered species?


— “we have a long way to go and success is far from assured, but kenya continues to play her part at the center of a multi-national collaboration to save this species.  let us hope for news of a successful northern white pregnancy in the not too distant future.” read : northern white rhino embryo could save species from brink of extinction


— as strawberry guava spreads, fish & wildlife officials said, it forms “impenetrable groves of close standing trees” which makes it nearly impossible for the hawk to hunt its prey because there’s not enough room to spread its wings. read : how the endangered hawaiian hawk became a political pawn


— investors are buying endangered species not to use and own, but in anticipation that their prices will rise. this shift explains why international trade restrictions often do not protect endangered species. read : restricting trade in endangered species can backfire, triggering market booms