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“Unlike their cute and fluffy cousins in the animal kingdom, the plight of these rancid animals is relatively unknown. The Ugly Animal Preservation Society was set up to champion the cause of endangered creatures with no friends.” read article: We can’t all be pandas! buy book: The Ugly Animals: We Can’t All Be Pandas


— “the global loss of species is even worse than previously thought, the londonzoological society (ZSL) says in its new living planet Index.” read report: World wildlife populations halved in 40 years – report more: Living Planet Report 2014


“brian seasholes deftly outlines a win-win-win strategy for protecting endangered species in the united states…if the public values endangered species, then it seems only fair that we fully compensate the people on whose land they live for taking care of them for us.” read the blog: It’s Only Fair to Pay People to Protect Endangered Species full policy study: Fulfilling the Promise of the Endangered Species Act