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— the rule changes followed a united nations report that said 1 million species worldwide face extinction as a result of human activity. wednesday’s lawsuit came on the heels of a separate report that 3 billion birds have been lost since the 1970s. read : the trump administration weakened endangered species act rules — 17 state attorneys general have sued over it


— now comes a new usurpation that would seem a ridiculous caricature of anti-environmentalism were it not so worrisome. read : you can’t put a price tag on life more : the species act, endangered  


— overall, many of the changes finalized last month are far more modest than environmentalists and the media have portrayed. and some of the more substantive changes, such as restoring the regulatory distinction between threatened and endangered species, will likely reduce conflicts with landowners and encourage more collaboration in species-recovery efforts — all without reducing the act’s effectiveness at preventing extinction. read : new endangered-species regulations are good for species


— “when the media came calling i would hold press conferences that i’d set up by myself, and i would tell people what was going on. with that empowerment of people who are actually on the ground — talking to the managers and talking to other citizens — comes greater credibility, strength and authority.” read : the key to endangered species recovery? communication  


  — studies have suggested that 3,000 bison is a reasonable target to ensure a population’s survival, and that the study would seem to argue each of yellowstone’s herds should have 3,000 or more bison. read : court asks feds to review decision to reject ESA protections for yellowstone bison


— in truth, the vast majority of protected species – about 90 percent – are recovering at the rate scientists projected for them. in other words, success is in progress and on track. scientists estimate the esa has already saved at least 227 species from becoming extinct, and 99 percent of listed species have averted becoming extinct. critics of the esa prefer to focus on a misleading angle.. read article : can the endangered species act be counted on? here’s what needs to happen to save wildlife


the goal is to save as many species as possible—even if it means calling it quits for some. “there’s a level of discomfort with this, but we have to face hard choices,” she says. read article : it’s time to let certain animals go extinct


— it was a remarkable accomplishment with a lot of luck associated with it. it made me feel extremely good to help restore a part of the natural world that had been taken away from southwest colorado.” read article :  animals on the edge


— it is the latest in a flurry of last-minute efforts to protect the environment and preserve president obama’s legacy on climate change. in the last month, he has issued a permanent ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in large areas of the arctic and much of the eastern seaboard; announced two new national monuments in utah and nevada, protecting 1.65 million acres of federal land; and denied six permits for oil exploration in the atlantic, partly because the seismic testing harms marine animals. read article : a bumblebee gets new protection on obama’s way out


— groups including the alaska oil and gas association and arctic slope regional corporation sued to stop the listing, saying the decision wasn’t based on science and could restrict development. the appeals court rejected that argument. read article : court ruling keeps bearded seals on ESA more : center for biological diversity


— biologists herald this the fastest recovery of a land mammal in the history of the endangered species act. — feral pigs were eradicated from santa cruz, opening the door for island foxes to flourish, which they have. initially, it was thought that santa cruz island had a carrying capacity of approximately 1,200 to 1,500 island foxes, but estimates show a population infusion of 2,100 animals on the largest, most biodiverse island off the california coast.