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— overall, many of the changes finalized last month are far more modest than environmentalists and the media have portrayed. and some of the more substantive changes, such as restoring the regulatory distinction between threatened and endangered species, will likely reduce conflicts with landowners and encourage more collaboration in species-recovery efforts — all without reducing the act’s effectiveness at preventing extinction. read : new endangered-species regulations are good for species


 — primary concern for monarch butterflies is the reduced availability of milkweed, which is necessary for their life cycle. therefore, focusing on glyphosate may only result in intensified use of other herbicides. read article : EPA studies effects of roundup on 1,500 endangered species


— monarchs depend on the grace of weed for laying their eggs and for caterpillar nutrition read article : monarch butterfly population rejuvenated after record low more : new consortium launched to conserve monarchs


— “scientists behind the petition say the butterfly’s decline is linked to a rise in genetically engineered crops in the midwest” read article: monarch butterflies considered for endangered species status