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PAWS, which stands for protection assistant for wildlife security, is a newly developed ai that takes data about previous poaching activities and outputs routes for patrols based on where poaching is likely to occur — algorithms used by homeland security, the transportation security administration, and the coast guard to predicts where resources like agents and surveillance would best be placed to interfere with smuggling and terrorism. read article : rangers use artificial intelligence to fight poachers


— the secret to PAWS is the fact that it manages to incorporate complex terrain data. after the protected area’s topography is input, then the system can create practical routes “to limit the differences in elevations that could slow down patrol action.” this doesn’t only save time, but energy as well. read article : how AI can prevent poaching activities more : AI vs. poachers


— “check rankings for companies such as kellogg’s, nestle, unilever, general mills, johnson & johnson, the body shop, l’oreal, avon, colgate-palmolive, procter & gamble, pepsico, conagra foods and the hershey company. if you would like to thank a company for its efforts or encourage them to do better, visit pdza.org/pawsforthecause to find out more about point defiance zoo & aquarium’s paws for the cause campaign” read article: Expanding palm oil plantations threaten endangered species more: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil