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— “rhino horn sold on the streets of major asian cities was last year more valuable than gold or platinum” read article:  death of rare rhino takes species to the brink more: only six northern white rhinos left in the world after death at wildlife sanctuary


http://www.fws.gov/Nevada/protected_species/ columbia spotted frog mountain yellow-legged frog relict leopard frog yosemite toad greater sage-grouse southwestern willow flycatcher yellow-billed cuckoo yuma clapper rail ash meadows speckled dace clover valley speckled dace colorado pikeminnow cui-ui desert dace devils hole pupfish hiko white river springfish humpback chub independence valley speckled dace lahontan cutthroat trout moapa dace paiute cutthroat trout razorback sucker virgin river chub warm springs pupfish white river springfish woundfin gray wolf bighorn sheep wolverine


—”its blood is thought to build willpower, and its bones are said to have an anti-inflammatory effect capable of treating arthritis, headaches, and all manner of swelling. its eyeballs are used to ease epilepsy, malaria, and cataracts. the penis is particularly prized as an aphrodisiac, and is commonly prepared by soaking the dried member in water and then simmering it with herbal ingredients.” https://news.vice.com/article/china-outlaws-the-eating-of-tiger-penis-rhino-horn-and-other-endangered-animal-products