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— “i think it’s sometimes portrayed as: you have whales, or you can have fishing,” said amy knowlton, a senior scientist at the new england aquarium. “what we’re trying to say is you can still fish if you can do it in a safer way for the whales.” read : north atlantic right whales now officially ‘one step from extinction’


— “the one thing that is missing is education,” lao said. “we need to educate the public that chinese medicine emphasises the balance between humans and nature, so we have to respect nature.” read : TCM supporters condemn illegal wildlife trade


— “distribution and conservation of global evolutionary distinctness in birds”, published on Thursday in the journal; Current Biology found that species representing the most evolutionary history over the smallest area as well as some of the most threatened distinct species are often found far from places that are species-rich or already on the conservation radar.” http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/apr/10/worlds-100-most-unique-endangered-birds giant ibis new caledonian owlet-nightjar california condor kakapo kagu bengal florican forest owlet philippine eagle christmas island frigatebird sumatran ground-cuckoo spoon-billed sandpiper northern bald ibis plains-wanderer new zealand storm-petrel hooded grebe white-shouldered ibis maleo black-hooded coucal madagascar serpent-eagle dwarf olive ibis rufous scrub-bird noisy…